Politika privatnosti

Naša politika privatnost je u potpunosti usaglašena za GDPR standardom Evropske Unije. Detaljne informacije možete pronaći na sledećoj stranici: GDPR informacije i politika privatnosti.

Privacy policy

This page lists the types of player data we collect, how we use it and how can you request changes or deletion of your data.

Personal player data

In case when you created your account via Facebook Login, our servers keep the following player data: Full name, Facebook profile picture and Gender obtained through Facebook API upon your login.

In case when you created your account via e-mail registration, our servers keep the following player data: Full name, E-mail address and Gender, all provided by you when creating the account.

The Full Name is used to show your name in games and ranking tables. If you wish, you can play the game using an alias (pseudonym). Please use the KONTAKT option in the game's main menu to request the change.

The Gender is used to properly show player in-game text in Serbian language. For example, "games played" is "odigrao partija" for male and "odigrala partija" for female. Or "the player is next" is "NAME je sledeći" for male and "NAME je sledeća" for female. If you wish to have your gender changed in the game, please use the KONTAKT option in the game's main menu to request the change. Please note that Facebook has recently revoked the access to Gender data from us, so all new players are listed as male. This is beyond our control as they have refused to give the access back to us, claiming that we don't use the field. If you're a female, please don't get upset, just request the change via KONTAKT option and we will update your gender to the correct value.

List of your Facebook friends (only those who have account in the game) is used to create Friend Ranking Tables. You can access those using the RANG LISTE option from the main menu. In case you want to remove someone from the list, click their name in the rankings to open their game profile, and then find the button at the bottom of their game profile that says Obriši sa spiska prijatelja. Use that button to remove player from the in-game friend list.

E-mail address is used exclusively to provide means to log back into the game if lose access to your account.

Profile picture for Facebook users

In the past, we never stored player pictures - they were always loaded by your browser directly from Facebook servers.

Due to recent changes in the way Facebook API works, the pictures are no longer loaded directly from Facebook servers as that would require exposing our private API keys to the public. Because of this, we have to load the player pictures to our servers and then we display the pictures that are cached on our server.

We only load the Facebook picture when you log in for the first time. If you update your Facebook profile picture and want it updated in the game as well, go to TVOJ PROFIL option from the main menu, and then click the link in the top-right corner (beneath the old picture) to load a fresh one.

If you wish to hide your real Facebook profile picture from other players, you can choose to use a randomly created image instead. To activate this change, click the GRPR INFO link in the bottom-left corner of the main menu page and find the button to use a randomly generated image there.

Data on connections

Database of connections stores: IP address, Operating system (only the main type like Windows, Linux, etc. without version numbers), Browser (only the type like Firefox, Chrome, IE, without other data). This data is used to determine which operating systems and browsers should have priority when developing the game further. You can find all the data on your connections if you click the GDPR INFO link in the bottom-left part of the main menu screen in the game and then click the KONEKCIJE button at the bottom of GDPR page.

IP addresses are stored to detect ISPs that players use in case we need to troubleshoot connectivity problems with certain ISPs.

Web servers log store the complete User-Agent string. Web server logs are rotated monthly and kept for 6 months before deleted.

Data related to the game

We store the following data in the databases:


The game only uses cookies to track user's session inside the game. The cookies are not tracked on 3rd party websites.


We store monthly offsite backup copies of player data. Every new backup is verified to be restorable and then the previous month's backup is deleted. When you request data modification or deletion, it will be done in the main database within a week of your request. After the previous monthly backup is rewritten, the data modification or deletion is permanent. This means that any deletion or modification your request will be permanent in up to 40 days. There is no backup older than one month, as it is not required for the game operation.

Sharing data with 3rd parties

Your data is only used to operate this one game and no data is ever shared with 3rd parties.

Getting your data in digital form

If you wish to get some or all of your data in digital form, please use the KONTAKT option on the game's main menu screen.

Change your data

If you wish to change some of your data, please use the KONTAKT option on the game's main menu screen.

Deleting your data

If you wish us to delete some or all of your data, please use the KONTAKT option on the game's main menu screen.

Notice for English speakers

This game is designed for players in the Balkan region: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The entire game is using Serbian language which is understood easily by people in these countries.

If you don't speak the language and wish to contact us regarding your data, please open the game page at https://apps.facebook.com/loraonline, scroll to the bottom of the main menu page and click the "GRPR info" link (It's in the bottom-left corner).

The link will take you to a page similar to this one, except this time it will be linked with your account since you are logged into the game. Scroll to the bottom of that page and click the "KONTAKT" button. You can use that form to contact us in English regarding your request.

Alternatively, if you don't want to use the form, or you need additional information, you can contact us via e-mail at gdpr@bigosaur.com.

Last update: 2024-04-09